Frequent Asked Questions

  • As an active Uber driver partner, can I complete my application online?

Yes – please follow the Online Application instructions on the SiyaqUber website here.

  • As an active Uber driver partner, can I do manual application then drop off physical copies of the application documents?

Yes – please follow the Manual Application instructions on the SiyaqUber website.

  • How would an Uber driver partner be able to differentiate between a normal Uber trip request and a trip request from one of the SiyaqUber corporate client companies?

Not possible for the Uber driver partner. However, the data SiyaqUber receives from Uber, will be sorted accordingly for SiyaqUber to see the difference. This will therefore be shared with the driver partners upon request, on a periodic basis.

  • How would a SiyaqUber corporate client company establish that the requested Uber driver partner is SiyaqUber approved or not?

Not possible for the corporate client company. However, the more Uber driver partners become SiyaqUber approved, the less this becomes an issue.

  • Would the Uber driver partner receive a statement stating how many Uber rides/extra business SiyaqUber has brought to them at the end of each month/year, etc.?

No – the Uber driver partner will continue to receive the statements in the same way it stands now. Should a driver partner require this information, please contact SiyaqUber directly.

  • Is an Uber Eats driver partner also eligible to benefit from the SiyaqUber initiative?

No – the SiyaqUber initiative was designed for the Uber rides business. Should this change, we will communicate accordingly.

  • How long before a SiyaqUber approved Uber driver partner can start seeing an increase in the trip requests from corporate client companies on the Uber platform?

There is no telling as things stand currently. However, SiyaqUber will be constantly bringing in more corporate client companies onto the Uber platform. This means, as time goes by, the Uber driver partner will start and continue to see the increase.

  • How long will it take the SiyaqUber client companies to invest into the SiyaqUber approved Uber driver partner’s business once the application process has been finalised?

As things stands now, there is no exact duration for this. Approved Uber driver partners will be contacted in due course as further developments materialise.