“Siyaquber” | ‘see ya ^koo bah |


  1. To drive things forward.
  2. Implies by way of its service, to bring additional value to corporate clients via the Uber for Business platform.


SiyaqUber is a Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment “BEE” validation service partner to Uber through providing empowerment driven opportunities within the Uber for Business platform.

SiyaqUber works in conjunction with Uber to ensure that the driver partners are able to attract and deliver Preferential Procurement and Supplier Development points for corporate clients and riders alike.

We pride ourselves in assisting our clients to achieve maximum value from their ESD spend and their preferential supplier procurement spend, whilst creating lasting value throughout our shared Uber driver network.

Our services are endorsed by Uber thus ensuring a smooth and reliable service offering nationally.


SiyaqUber in partnership with Uber (in particular Uber for Business) bring customers an opportunity to acquire preferential procurement points off the Uber rider platform on a Rand-for-Rand basis. In addition, we provide opportunities for corporate clients to also invest in Enterprise Supplier Development initiatives.

SiyaqUber as a service provider, works alongside Uber in identifying, categorising, validating and approving the driver partners as recognised BEE Level 1 contributors, resulting in clients attaining Preferential Procurement points on an ongoing basis.

SiyaqUber has further extended the Uber partnership towards implementing Supplier Development initiatives that look to provide funding opportunities for Uber driver partners, e.g. affordable vehicle finance.

In addition to the Supplier Development opportunities, SiyaqUber implements Skills Development opportunities for the Uber driver partners by way of attracting sponsorship towards advanced driving courses, business incubation, first aid training and electrical muscle stimulation training.

SiyaqUber assures clients a superior Uber experience.